How to enroll and access PMP Exam Prep PDF Print E-mail

1. How do I enroll for the PMP Exam Prep course?

You can enroll for PMP Exam Prep by first creating an account with us

2. How do I create an account?

By clicking on the create account button on the sign-in page. You can then create an account by filling in the necessary details on the form page.

3. I am trying to create my account using my Infosys email id. The form page says “You are not nominated by PMCoE”. What do I do?

Please contact PMCoE with a request for nomination

4. How do I purchase PMP Exam Prep?

Click on the Enroll for courses after log-in on the top right corner of this webpage. You can then proceed to the shopping cart to add PMP exam prep to the shopping cart.

5. I have purchased PMP Exam Prep. How do I access it?

Once you have purchased PMP Exam Prep, the course will be automatically assigned to you. To access the course after login, click on Enter Learning Center link on the top right corner of this webpage.

6. What is learning center?

Learning center is your gateway to PMP Exam Prep.

7. My session has expired while shopping. What do I do?

Please Ensure cookies are enabled on your browser for successful registration and shopping. Click on the link to know how to enable cookies.

8. Why can’t I log-in with my Infosys e-mail id?

Avoid using special character such as ‘?,*’ in your passwords

9. Why haven’t I been receiving any support mails?

Please add domain in safe senders list to receive all communications for the course.